Empowering rural tourism entrepreneurs to serve their markets more efficiently, profitably and sustainably.
Experience the Real Thing in Rural Destinations…

Experience the Real Thing in Rural Destinations…

Second Field Trip Planned for Jul 29 - Aug 10

With the generous support of the Stanford Center for International Development (SCID) and Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (SEED), we are about to embark on a second field trip. Our objectives for this trip includes:
1) to report back to the local government on our suggested development strategies
2) to obtain government confirmation to proceed and discussions on how a cooperation could be structured
3) to prototype ownership and management models for tourism businesses and evaluate their impact on community engagement and capacity building.

New Expert Member joining the Project

We are very happy and proud to have one more unique member join our team. James Shen (沈海恩), is a founding partner at Peoples Architecture Office (众建筑) and Peoples Industrial Design Office (众产品). 


He and his team focus on developing architecture and products for the “people”. With this social focus and previous tourism development experience in Daocheng (稻城), he is a great addition to our team. James will work with us during the research in Puxing and help develop product design concepts.


James graduated from MIT and California State University, Long Beach. Before establishing his own office in Beijing, he worked with Chang Yong Ho’s (张永和) FCJZ (非常建筑) office in Beijing. His innovative work, such as his recent tricycle house (photo below), is widely covered by the Chinese and international media, and some of it in the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Most recently, he was also a speaker at TEDx in Beijing.